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Our Tanning Beds

Silver: Base Building

Build a perfect base tan with 100 watt lamps and a higher level of UVB rays for faster melanin production

  • Lower intensity

  • 10 - 20 minute exposure time

  • Stimulates melanin production

Santa Barbara.jpeg
Leg Tanner.jpeg
Gold: Color Boosting

Take your tan to the next level. Higher intensity lamps with more UVA rays darken your base tan for deeper, more radiant color. 

  • High intensity

  • 7 to 12 minute max exposure time

  • Darker skin in less time

Del Ray.jpeg
Sun Capsule X7.jpeg
Platinum: Bronzing

Get a deeper and longer lasting tan while you enjoy all the added amenities that this luxurious level of tanning provides. 

  • Deepens and maintains color

  • 8 to 10 minute max exposure time

  • Includes options like aromatherapy, body misters, air conditioning, shoulder tanners and more.

Prestige 1400.jpeg
Diamond: Maximum Bronzing

Get the deepest and longest lasting tan possible from two of the strongest high pressure beds available. 

  • Superior bronzing, longest lasting tan

  • 12 to 16 minute max exposure time

  • Maintain your color with only a few sessions per month

Matrix V28.jpeg
Matrix L22.jpeg
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